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How to Use Uber with Cash

The popular ride-hailing app Uber has changed the way we commute. Gone are the days when taxis reigned supreme. Nowadays, if you want to go somewhere the most common alternative is calling an Uber.

The app allows you to pay for a ride in several ways including using your card or by paying cash. Most people prefer card over cash since that is the safest mode of payment. But you should know how to purchase a ride with cash in case your card is short on money and you are in an emergency.

Here we will teach you how to do just that.

Change the Preferred Payment Method

When you sign-up with Uber, the app asks you to select a preferred payment method. Once you choose the payment mode, the app sets it as default, and every time you book and finish a ride, that payment mode will be charged. Therefore, if you are looking to pay with cash, you first need to switch to the correct payment method. To do that, you need to go to the “Wallet” in the app menu. From there, select the preferred payment option and tap save once you are finished.

Paying with Cash

Now that you have selected the desired mode of payment, the rest of the process is simple and uncomplicated. Once you select the payment through cash option, you cannot switch to another payment mode, so be careful. The app shows you the estimated fare calculation once you enter your destination. The final price you pay mostly lies in between those figure estimates, so you get a good idea of what to expect. As soon as the ride ends, the driver tells you the final fare, you pay them the money, get change if applicable, and Uber will send you a receipt on email.

Insufficient Cash

If you have insufficient cash at the end of the trip, Uber will either deduct the remaining amount from your card or add the remaining amount to the fare for the next ride. So, for example, if you are 5 dollars short in your current ride, your future ride will automatically cost you 5 dollars more. This is inconvenient both for the driver and you, so it is better to keep sufficient cash in hand when you intend to pay your Uber with cash.

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